Lina Burley


The star of the annual member show at the Maine Art Gallery in Wiscasset is unquestionably the artist to whom the show is dedicated Lina Burley who was long involved with the gallery and passed away this past winter.
She is the only member with a number of pieces in the show, so one has a chance to absorb a small scope of work done over a period of time. Her works are primarily impressionistic landscapes and her mediums both oil and watercolor.
One of the most captivating oils of Burley's is a large landscape "Still Water" of lily pads in a pond. What makes this painting so arresting is, though it may be done in a Monet-like style with it's impressionistic brushwork, its apparent serenity and, of course, the subject matter itself, the colors are anything but reminders of the Impressionistic master. Rather than subtle gradations of pastel colors, the images are bold contrasts of color the water an almost black shade with some bright green splashes along with the green lily pad and white of the flower. It creates an interesting juxtaposition of serenity and something stirring, and even dark, underneath.
Another fascinating oil of hers is "Sherman Lake" the use of color - browns, pinks and yellows - the most interesting aspect of the work, though the off-centeredness of a reflection also creates interest. One of the watercolors in which Burley's talent in this medium is revealed is "Cascade" which depicts a dramatic splashing of waves on rocks, all in well-orchestrated whites and blues and aqua.

Kay Liss

From "Maine Art Gallery member show well worth seeing" August 25, 2005.
Lincoln County News